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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and it lies in Poland’s central-eastern part. For centuries, Warsaw has been a center of knowledge and refinement. It’s also been home to many love focused films because of it’s beautiful sites and sounds. Its strategic position has also made it one of Europe’s most invaded countries. Two of the most defining events in history have shaped today’s Warsaw: the closing of the Iron Curtain and World War II. From the shackles communism and the ashes of war, this city had risen again. Tributes to this history dot the entire city. With edgy art installations, stylish shopping malls, and a burgeoning fashion scene, Warsaw opens its arms to the world. Here are the top must-see attractions in Warsaw, Poland.

Old Town

Old Town is the true heart of Warsaw and a tribute to its will to rebuild and survive. This is where in World War II dying days some brave locals launched an uprising which was one of the most heroic resistance actions staged against the Nazi army. The Nazis almost destroyed the entire city in retaliation. The Royal Castle which served as the Polish King’s seat of power for many centuries was one building that was destroyed. Before the detonations, some civilians and museum staffs saved some castle’s treasures. The Old Town was painstakingly rebuilt after the war. The Old Town is also home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals in Warsaw. Visit St. Anne’s church and St. John’s Cathedral for a view of Warsaw skyline from the top of the tower.

Warsaw University

This beautiful university served as the German army military barracks. Education was mostly outlawed during the war but an underground university emerged. Many students continued their lessons in homes around the city during the occupation.

POLIN Museum

The POLIN museum is built on the infamous Warsaw ghetto site. Here, over 400,000 children, women, and men were incarcerated. The Warsaw Uprising Monument is nearby. They pay tribute to one of the city’s bravest chapters.

Royal Route

Stroll along the Royal Route to travel back in time. This was the path the Polish kings used to travel from the Old Town to the Wilanow Palace. It is now a popular tourist walk dotted with historical sites.


Praga is located on the Vistula River right bank. You will discover venues such as the Soho Factory which used to be an ammunition factory. Today, it is home to a range of museums and stylish shops. The exhibitions at Neon Museum are dedicated to preserving Warsaw’s Soviet-era iconic signs.

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